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What Does A Wedding Location Mean?

Destination weddings are weddings that take place in another venue other than the one you live in. Most often, weddings with a destination theme and honeymoon is held at the same hotel venue.What's the experience of a wedding at a destination? Imagine you and your loved ones relaxing in a luxurious cozy atmosphere as you recuperate from your travels. Delicious food and music will be played.


It is possible to consider planning for a wedding on a beach in case you suffer from serious wanderlust. (Or perhaps you've already celebrated your wedding away from home.) Since the trends in marriage are always changing, the concept of a wedding that is destination-based is taking on a new meaning today. We have the answer to your question "What is a "destination" wedding?" Over 27,000 recently married coupleshave destination weddings, and they are more frequent than they've ever been before. It is possible that you haven't thought about a destination wedding.


What Is A Destination Wedding?

Typically an event that is a destination wedding a ceremony that's hosted outside of the couple's hometown, which requires travel for most (if not all) of the guests. These weddings are commonly linked to beautiful locales such as the South of France or Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. In 2019, almost one-in-four couples had a destination wedding, proving that they're a great alternative to a traditional ceremony. Just 17 percent of theweddings on beach couples who planned one would consider the venue as tropical, and only 11 percent stated that it was held in a different country. It's clear that most of these are domestic weddings or, as we prefer them to be called, "destination marriages". With such a variety of gorgeous venues across the United States, it's no surprise that destination wedding ceremonies have become the latest trend. While some couples pick the location due to its emotional significance, some couples are selecting the wedding location because they like it.

57% of the couples who hosted destination weddings in 2019 selected the venue due to it being unique. Just over half of all guests chose the venue due to the significance it holds for the couple (or their partner), and 37 per cent invited their guests to a venue that was not in their hometown or in the city in which they currently reside. Nearly 80 per cent of couples said they stayed for the night at their location in addition to most of guests. 20 percent of couples had to fly to their destination for their wedding, which means that their guests likely flew in addition. This affects the cost of a wedding guest that changes from year to year. Our data shows that the amount guests spend on those who travel in some way, either via flying or driving, can range from $600 to $1,440.


The cost of a wedding is constantly changing as well. According to our research, couples are now more focused on creating unforgettable events for their guests, rather as opposed to a one-day celebration. There are many possibilities for couples to reinvent the traditional wedding ceremony. There are those who continue the celebration with another wedding. While others have a mini-wedding that is a macro-budget. More couples are now opting for Florida beaches weddings. Modern couples are adding their own spins to traditional weddings by focusing on love, celebration and joy. And given that destination weddings continue gain popularity each year, it's likely that more couples will host their nuptials in a location that is far from home--even if it is located in the United States.

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